Replacing the battery in a JCR Ion-Stream Jewellery Cleaner

Through regular use, the internal rechargeable battery will eventually need replacing. The life of the battery can vary depending on numerous factors outside our control, but for typical use in a commercial retail environment we recommend replacing the battery as part of a routine maintenance process every 24 months.

The following is a step by step guide to replacing the internal rechargeable battery, and also an optional routine preventative maintenance procedure to maximise reliability. This can be performed by anyone – no special skills or experience is required, just follow the steps below. If any problems are encountered, either contact us for advice, or the unit can be posted back to us for overnight service.

Tools and parts needed

The replacement battery kit can be purchased directly from our store, or the parts can be sourced from a number of other outlets.

1) The battery: 9V rechargable (NiMH), nominal capacity should be 150-250mAh. The brand is not critical, but we do  recommend choosing a quality brand such as Energizer, GP, Sanyo, Panasonic or Vartra. These batteries can be purchased from most electrical stores worldwide such as RS Components, Farnel / Element14 & Jaycar.

2) 2 X 200mm retaining ties / cable ties. These can be purchased from most hardware stores.

3) Phillips size #0 screwdriver.

Battery replacement process:

1) Remove the 4 Phillips screws at the rear of the enclosure.

2) Slide the printed circuit board out of the enclosure.

3) Cut the 2 battery retaining cable ties and unclip the battery.

4) Clip the new battery onto the battery clip.

5) Retain the battery using 2 X 200mm cable ties.

6) Trim the cable ties as required

7) Slide the printed circuit board back into the enclosure – the battery position may need adjusting to get it to fit nicely.

8) Replace the rear panel and 4 X Phillips screws.

A Short video showing how to replace the rechargeable battery in a JCR Ion-Stream Commercial (150R) Jewellery Cleaner.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

This procedure is optional, but should be considered to ensure that the cleaning system can be depended upon. The JCR 150R / Ion-Stream Commercial is built to last, and is extremely easy to service. If these steps are followed, and the unit is never submersed in fluid, it will last decades.

1) Replace the battery every 24 months

2) Every 12 months:

a. Clean all the cable and electrode contacts with distilled or dionised water if required to remove any build up of dirt or grime. Dry off the contacts and smear a small amount of silicon grease over the contact surfaces.

b. Inspect all the leads paying particular attention to where the cable is joined to the sockets – check for signs of damage and sharp kinks. Flex the cables during a clean cycle and make sure the OK indicator does not flicker. If damage is suspected order a replacement lead in advance and keep in stock before failure.

c. Polish the silver hook electrode. For best results this needs to be clean, and also serves as an indicator to highlight electrolyte contamination – if it becomes stained or discoloured the electrolyte must be replaced at a greater frequency, or the quality of the water needs to be reviewed.

d. Check the cable on the battery charger for damage paying particular attention to where the wire comes out of the plug and the body of the charger. Flex the cable during charge and make sure the charging lamp does not flicker. If damage is suspected order a replacement charger in advance and keep in stock before failure.