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Gold and silver cleaners for professional jewellers, retailers & home users

The JCR cleaning system is a modern, gentle, versatile and non-toxic range of products designed for routine cleaning of jewellery, and specifically to clean items set with delicate or chemically reactive stones.


We guarantee professional cleaning results without any special skills or operator training, and without risk of damage to delicate gem stones or loss of precious gold or silver. A quick fast and clean way to maintain the lustre in all gold and silver jewellery.

























  • Using abrasive methods such as polishing, in addition to removing tarnish, will also remove a small amount of gold or silver from the surface each time. It also requires effort and skill - it is easy to damage the delicate surface of soft gemstones. It's also dirty (black fingers!), and time consuming - particularly when you have a shop full of jewellery to keep bright to maximise sales!


  • Dip cleaners use reactive chemicals to remove tarnish from gold or silver. Unfortunately these chemicals are very reactive and acidic, and will damage delicate stones. They must therefore be applied extremely carefully. They also tend to gradually erode the surface of fine finishes. Most importantly they are extremely toxic, and care must be taken to avoid skin contact.


  • Ultrasonic cleaners are also extremely popular, and often the default choice. Although ultrasonic cleaners are a very effective method of removing dirt and grease, they do not remove tarnish. Extreme caution must be used with ultrasonic jewellery cleaning - it is very easy to damage stones, and loose stones from settings.



The JCR cleaning system provides a quick and safe method to remove tarnish and grease from gold and silver.  It can also be used to clean stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, and will remove oxidation and oil or grease residues using the electrochemical process of electrolysis. The item to be cleaned is placed in a non-hazardous electrolyte, Ion-Sol, which has a pH of  9.1. This means that it is slightly alkaline and cannot damage chemically active gems like opal, ironstone, lapis lazuli, turquoise, coral, pearls etc.



The removal of tarnish from silver jewellery is almost immediate taking approximately 2 – 10 seconds. The removal of tarnish from gold takes slightly longer at around 10 – 15 seconds.  This form of cleaning also removes oily and greasy deposits off the surface of gems and diamonds, leaving them sparkling.


All JCR cleaners are completely automatic, no switches, no controls, and no operator training is required.  Anyone can use a JCR cleaner and expect professional results every time!

The JCR Mini - the best gold and silver jewellery cleaner!

Whether you are looking for a way to professionaly clean your own gold or silver jewellery at home, or a retailer wanting to keep your display stock fresh, we have your needs covered!



All our products are designed and manufactured here in Australia. We provide a safe and clean alternative to traditional jewellery cleaning - no dirty fingers, toxic or smelly chemicals, no scrubbing, rubbing or polishing, and safe on all natural stones.

The JCR Ion-Stream Commercial. A gold and silver jewellery cleaner for jewellers, and jewelllery retailers.

JCR Mini

Home jewellery cleaning system



The JCR Mini home jewellery cleaner is our latest product, and was released in 2015. It is based on the design and success of the Ion-Stream commercial and utilises the same technology, but in a smaller, more affordable and more attractive package.


This cleaner is ideal for smaller retailers, and for professionally cleaning jewellery at home.


It is available as two versions to suit both budget and the requirement:


  • Mini-Standard - Supplied without the acrylic tray and tubs. Shipped with the battery, and a free bottle of cleaning solution. This will suit most home users, and any plastic tub can be used for the cleaning bath.
  • Mini-Deluxe - Supplied with the acrylic tray, two tubs, battery and cleaning solution. This makes a very attractive, convenient and portable cleaning station for any retail environment.


This is a quality unit, and all parts including the acrylic tray and tubs are 100% made in Australia.


Our non-toxic Ionic jewellery cleaning fluid



Ion-Sol is a sweet smelling, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly ionic jewellery cleaning solution.


Ion-Sol is the heart of the JCR cleaning system. Supplied in a 250ml bottle, it makes 5l of cleaning electrolyte.


Ion-Sol has been formulated by JCR Solutions to be safe for use on all natural gems including pearl, opal and emerald. It contains a buffer to maintain an alkaline pH and prevent the solution from becoming acidic through use.


Ion-Sol also contains a very sophisticated surfactant that is an extremely effective degreaser.  This produces incredible results when used with diamonds that have a natural tendency to attract grease.


When used with a JCR cleaner,  will produce super clean bright surfaces on platinum, gold, silver, and jewellery set with any natural gemstone.


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JCR Ion-Stream Commercial

Our professional

In-store jewellery cleaner



The Ion-Stream Commercial professional in-store cleaner has been on the market since 2007, and has quickly become an industry standard in-store cleaning system for jewellery stores  Australia wide.


The Ion-Stream Commercial is used by leading jewellery retailers and distributors such as Prouds, Butterfly Silver and every Thomas Sabo retailer in Australia.


This system is used by Thomas Sabo in Germany, and  as of 2014 is distributed in Europe and the UK by Beco Technic.


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