Using Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) to clean jewellery

The JCR ionic cleaning process is designed to rapidly remove naturally occurring tarnish caused by sulphur in the atmosphere. This is the most common form tarnish (sliver sulphide), and is brownish in colour. When jewellery is exposed to other gasses such as chlorine or bromine a different type of tarnish is formed – this is slightly harder to remove and extra step. This also applies for jewellery that has been coated in an “ant-tarnish” chemical, or jewellery that has been previously cleaned using chemicals that may have left an insulating residue rendering the JCR system ineffective.


This process is also recommended when the item is extremely dirty, or has other chemical residues on the surface from prior alternative cleaning methods. After this step the JCR cleaners will be extremely effective.


Materials required:

  • 1) A soft bristled toothbrush or a jewellery washout brush
  • 2) Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), available from any supermarket
  • 3) Undiluted Ion-Sol solution


Step 1, Prepare the Brushing Media

The brushing media is a paste consisting of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and Ion-Sol solution. This is extremely useful to have on hand for removing stubborn dirt and insoluble compounds from jewellery, so is worth mixing a small batch in a resealable jar for future use. Simply mix equal quantities of sodium bicarbonate and Ion-Sol together to form a paste with a similar consistency to honey.


Step 2, Using the Brushing Media

After preparing the paste, use a soft bristled tooth brush or jewellery washout brush to pick up a small amount of paste, and start brushing the surfaces of the jewellery. Methodically and gently work around the entire item, then rinse of with tap water. Inspect the jewellery and repeat this process if there are any areas that still look dirty.


Step 3, Final clean using a JCR Ionic cleaner

Now that the heavy and insoluble tarnish compounds have been removed from the item, use a JCR ionic cleaner to remove the remaining dirt and tarnish. Carefully examine the jewellery, if any tarnish remains repeat step 2 above, and perform another JCR cycle. Future cleans will be extremely quick, and unless the item is exposed to chlorine or bromine the brushing media will not be needed again.