Professional gold and silver Jewellery Cleaners

We combine modern electronics and classical chemistry to produce a controlled and repeatable jewellery cleaning system. This is a very different approach to regular ultrasonic jewellery cleaning. Instead of using a high frequency sonic pressure wave to remove dirt, grime and grease, we use electrolysis (ionic reduction). This has a massive advantage - unlike ultrasonic cleaners, electrolysis will remove tarnish from silver and gold as well as removing grease and grime from handling. It is fast, safe on all natural stones, safe on all precious metals, and non toxic.



  • Very quickly removes dirt grease, oil & fingerprints from handling
  • Gently cleans & removes tarnish from gold or silver jewellery
  • Safe on all natural stones including pearl, amber, coral, shell, lapis lazuli, opal, emerald, haematite & diamonds
  • Perfect for professionally cleaning retail displays, and highly affordable for personal home use
  • Non-toxic, safe for the environment, clean and safe for the user - no more smelly chemicals or dirty fingers!


JCR cleaners work in two simultaneous ways; they convert tarnish back into hydrogen sulphide - the gas that initially caused the tarnish, and they also remove grease and oil along with the particulate matter (dirt) attached to it. This is an extremely gentle yet fast process.

The JCR Mini, professional gold and silver jewellery cleaning system for home jewellery cleaning.
The JCR Ion-Stream Commercial, professional gold and silver jewellery cleaning system.

Safe on all natural stones!

Non-toxic & environmentally friendly!

Clean, quiet & fast!

Removes silver tarnish, cleans off oil & grease!

100% Australian designed & made!


Free Ebook download here!

  • Describes traditional jewellery cleaning techniques
  • Explains how electrochemical (ionic) cleaning works
  • Introduces and explains how the JCR system works
  • Safe to use, clean, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

    All JCR jewellery cleaners use a sweet smelling Ion-Sol solution. Ion-Sol is non-toxic, safe for the user, safe on all natural stones and precious metals, and safe for the environment.


    Instead of using harsh, acidic, reactive and smelly chemicals to remove tarnish from silver or gold, the JCR system uses a small and controlled electrical charge to activate the Ion-Sol solution. Unlike traditional methods, no toxic chemical residue is left behind on the jewellery or fingers!


    When an item is cleaned using the JCR system, the surface is pure and clean to a molecular level.

  • Removes Tarnish, oil and grease

    This system will safely and rapidly remove the tarnish from silver and gold, and will instantly remove grease, oil and fingerprints from handling.


    Diamonds will sparkle, and the item will look as fresh as the day it was made!

  • Fast - save time, money and effort

    This will save you time, money and effort. Whether you are just looking for a way to clean your own jewellery at home, or a retailer wanting to keep your display stock fresh, this system takes under 5 seconds per item.


    Unlike traditional methods, It does not require training, scrubbing, polishing, involve toxic chemicals, is not noisy or smelly, and is completely safe on all precious metals and natural stones.


  • Safe on all natural stones

    Our system operates at room temperature, and can be used with absolute confidence to clean anything set with any natural stone including pearl, coral, shell, lapis lazuli, opal, emerald, hematite – safely!

  • 100% designed and manufactured in Australia


    • We support Australian business and manufacturing
    • All components are sourced from Australian suppliers
    • All design work has been done by us in Australia
    • All manufacturing has been done by us in Australia
    • All electronic assembly is done in Australia
    • All packaging and labels are made in Australia
    • All plastic tubs and bottles are made in Australia
    • Ion-Sol was formulated by us and made in Australia from locally sourced chemicals only from Australian suppliers.