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JCR Ion-Sol - Ionic Jewellery Cleaning Solution

JCR Ion-Sol, non-toxi ionic & ultrasonic cleaning solution

About Ion-Sol

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JCR Ion-Sol is a sweet smelling, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly jewellery cleaning solution. Ion-Sol is an integral part of the JCR cleaning system. It has been formulated by JCR Solutions to be safe for use on all natural gems including pearl, opal and emerald. It will produce super clean bright surfaces on platinum, gold, silver and all natural gems, at a molecular level, when used with the Ion-Stream range of jewellery cleaners.


It is supplied as a very concentrated solution which will need to be diluted using distilled or de-ionised water before use.


Ion-Sol contains a very high performance anionic surfactant, a wetting agent, an anti-foaming agent, and a buffer to maintain the pH to protect chemically reactive gems.


A 250ml bottle will make up 5 litres of working solution.


Properties and recommendations for the use of Ion-Sol

  • At cooler temperatures Ion-Sol will become cloudy. This is a property of the chemicals used and their concentration, and will not effect the cleaning process.


  • It is designed to work at room temperature when it will become a clear blue solution. An unused working solution will last indefinitely in a well stoppered jar if kept in a dark place.


  • For best results we recommend that the solution is replaced frequently and that only distilled or de-ionised water be used to dilute Ion-Sol.
  • Never dilute Ion-Sol with tap water! Tap water contains calcium and other chemicals which can complicate or reduce the cleaning efficiency and economy of the solution. Always use distilled or deionised water.


  • We recommend, also, that if the solution is heavily used it should be discarded after a maximum of 4 weeks at average temperatures. More frequently at higher temperatures.


  • Replacement electrolyte can be purchased from the original distributor or directly through our online store.

Further information

Ion-Sol Safety Data Sheet (SDS) downloads


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