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JCR Mini home jewellery cleaner, a fresh new approach to home jewellery cleaning!
JCR 100% money back guarantee!

JCR Mini home jewellery cleaner



  • Suitable for personal home use, and professional use as a compact in-store cleaning system for small to medium sized shops.
  • Safe on all natural stones including pearl, coral, shell, lapis lazuli, opal, emerald, hematite!
  • Non-toxic & environmentally friendly!
  • Clean, quiet & fast... no more dirty fingers!
  • Removes tarnish, oil & grease in seconds!
  • Fantastic results on diamonds!
  • Completely automatic, very easy to use and can not damage metal or stones!
  • High quality marine grade stainless steel body, 100% Australian made and built to last!



The JCR Mini is a highly affordable home jewellery cleaner. Based on our highly successful commercial cleaner (Ion-Stream Commercial), the JCR Mini is designed to bring commercial quality cleaning within the affordable reach of all jewellery owners.


The JCR mini will keep all gold and silver jewellery in pristine as-new condition. There is no loss of metal or risk of damage to stones so it can be safely used every single day! Completely safe on all natural stones.


The cleaning solution is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly. It is cheap to buy and long lasting.


What will it clean?


The JCR Mini is is perfect for all gold and silver jewellery. It operates at room temperature, and has a pH of 9.1 (alkaline). It is safe on any natural stone including coral, shell, lapis lazuli, opal, emerald, hematite.


The JCR Mini quickly removes grease and fingerprints making diamonds truly sparkle!



More Information

JCR Mini is based on the design and success of the Ion-Stream commercial and utilises the same technology, but in a smaller, more affordable and more attractive package. Although the Mini is intended for home use, it is also highly suited for professional use in the retail jewellery environment.


The JCR Mini is available in two versions to suit both budget and requirement:

The Mini Deluxe


Mini Deluxe - Supplied with the acrylic tray, two tubs, battery and cleaning solution.


This makes a very attractive, convenient and portable cleaning station for any retail environment or jewellery enthusiast.



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JCR Mini Deluxe jewellery cleaner showing the acrylic tray, wash bath and rinse bath.

The Mini Standard



Mini Standard - Ideal for the budget conscious, the Mini is supplied in it's simplest form without the acrylic tray and baths.


Shipped with the battery, and a free bottle of cleaning solution.


This will suit most home users, and any plastic tub or drinking glass can be used for the cleaning bath.


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