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Covering connecting up, charging, mixing the electrolyte, and first clean using a JCR Ion-Stream Commercial jewellery Cleaner.

Short video by Cal to introduce and demonstrate our JCR  jewellery cleaner

How to replace the rechargeable battery in a JCR Ion-Stream Commercial (150R) Jewellery Cleaner. The battery kit is available from our store. Alternatively, if you send us the unit, we will replace the battery and also test and service the unit at no extra cost.

Cal does an amazing silver cleaning demo with the JCR Ion-Stream Commercial jewellery cleaner!


A chain such as the example in this video is normally very hard to clean. There are lots of inaccessible areas inside the chain that can be clearly seen, but not accessible to clean using any other method.


As can be seen in this example, using the JCR Mini is extremely effective, fast and efficient. Our Ion-Stream commercial jewellery cleaner will also work in just the same way.

Normally cleaning jewellery with matte and polished surfaces is a tricky and advanced job requiring a professional jeweller. If abrasive methods are used (a polishing cloth, tumbler or buffer) are used, the matte surface will loose its texture. The polished surface is very close to the matte surface in this example – the JCR Mini home jewellery cleaner is the easiest and safest method.

Justin shares a quick tip that speeds up the rinse and drying process when using a JCR Ionic jewellery cleaner