JCR Product Range

Gold and silver cleaners for professional jewellers, retailers & home users

The JCR cleaning system is a modern, gentle, versatile and non-toxic range of products designed for routine cleaning of jewellery, and specifically to clean items set with delicate or chemically reactive stones.

We guarantee professional cleaning results without any special skills or operator training, and without risk of damage to delicate gem stones or loss of precious gold or silver. A quick fast and clean way to maintain the luster in all gold and silver jewellery.

150R jewellery cleaning with the optional rinse bath and countertop tray
  • Using abrasive methods such as polishing, in addition to removing tarnish, will also remove a small amount of gold or silver from the surface each time. It also requires effort and skill – it is easy to damage the delicate surface of soft gemstones. It’s also dirty (black fingers!), and time consuming – particularly when you have a shop full of jewellery to keep bright to maximise sales!


  • Dip cleaners use reactive chemicals to remove tarnish from gold or silver. Unfortunately these chemicals are very reactive and acidic, and will damage delicate stones. They must therefore be applied extremely carefully. They also tend to gradually erode the surface of fine finishes. Most importantly they are extremely toxic, and care must be taken to avoid skin contact.


  • Ultrasonic cleaners are also extremely popular, and often the default choice. Although ultrasonic cleaners are a very effective method of removing dirt and grease, they do not remove tarnish. Extreme caution must be used with ultrasonic jewellery cleaning – it is very easy to damage stones, and loose stones from settings.

The JCR cleaning system provides a quick and safe method to remove tarnish and grease from gold and silver.  It can also be used to clean stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, and will remove oxidation and oil or grease residues using the electrochemical process of electrolysis. The item to be cleaned is placed in a non-hazardous electrolyte, Ion-Sol, which has a pH of  9.1. This means that it is slightly alkaline and cannot damage chemically active gems like opal, ironstone, lapis lazuli, turquoise, coral, pearls etc.

The removal of tarnish from silver jewellery is almost immediate taking approximately 2 – 10 seconds. The removal of tarnish from gold takes slightly longer at around 10 – 15 seconds.  This form of cleaning also removes oily and greasy deposits off the surface of gems and diamonds, leaving them sparkling.

All JCR cleaners are completely automatic, no switches, no controls, and no operator training is required.  Anyone can use a JCR cleaner and expect professional results every time!